Why Nutstore is essential for your team ?
Real-time file syncing
Sync for better collaboration
Centralized content management
Unified folder structure and access control
Full-text search
Enjoy mobile office
All-platform supported
Edit and share files anytime and anywhere
Easy to use
Deeply integrated with file explorer
Securer Solution to replace FTP
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Care about security of your files
Data security and reliability is always the priority of Nutstore. We care every detail of the product.
Fast, convenient, low cost, secure and reliable, more advantages than self-built system.
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Trusted by 10,000+ companies, over 10 industries.
For SME/start-up team, solution for file syncing and sharing, centralized content management, mobile office, etc.
50 GB
/member, adjustable
6 months
File Revision
For file security oriented enterprise, offering more integrated security control strategy and auditing features.
100 GB
/member, adjustable
12 months
File Revision
More features of customization and integration with enterprise IT system, logo and sub domain.
200 GB
/member, adjustable
12 months
File Revision
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