Enterprise Cloud Storage

Private cloud storage deployed on LAN

Quick sharing and full tracking

Native apps make it easy to use

Easy Collaboration

Share files by cloud workspace

Share files without manual work

Flexible access control for any purpose

Unified Management

Manage files on all devices automatically

Unified content and knowledge management

Real time indexing, file search is simple

Prevent Data Loss

Backup files without manual intervention

PB level cloud storage technology

Restore deleted or damaged files at any time

Mobile Workforce

Native apps on all computers, phones or tablets

Access any files from any devices

Travels, meetings, or on-the-road, bring files at hand

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Why choose Nutstore?

Deploy privately, fully managed

  • Data is stored in private enterprise cloud
  • Transfer inside LAN with unbeatable speed
  • Integrated with existing systems

Stable and reliable

  • The same technology as our public cloud
  • Billions of files saved, over 1000TB data
  • Data loss or damage accident never happened

Very easy to manage it

  • Compatible with all storage hardware
  • Only take 10 minutes to install it
  • Automatic upgrade

Professional technical support

  • Hardware purchase and deployment consulting
  • Development consulting, staff training
  • Quick integration, API support

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Email: sales@nutstore.net

QQ: 2973362653

Tel: 400-060-1291

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